Privacy Policy for the Perspective iOS app


Your privacy is extremely important to us. Perspective being a private journal we recognize the need to assure our users that the data they input into our application is completely safe.

Personal Information

We do not collect any personal information (i.e., user-entered data) from our app users. Like many app developers, we use third party companies (Google Analytics, Firebase, Bugfender) to collect statistics and bug reports. This information consists of anonymous information about the app usage, error and crashes statistics/analytics, and information about the device (type, operating system, language). The information is totally anonymous and no personal details are included. This information helps to guide our ongoing development of the app, helps us fix bugs quicker, and contributes to the improvement of the user experience.

Use of Personal Information

The only personal information that we have access to is your email if you choose to specify it when you send us feedback.

If you contact us via email and a reply is necessary, we will use your email address and/or any other information that you provide (e.g., your name) to contact you directly. This is the only use we make of personal information.

Absolutely no other data you put into the application ever leaves your device. Everything is stored locally on your device.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will never disclose your personal contact information that you specifically decide to share with us.


Perspective is not a substitute for professional care and therapy. Please seek help from a licensed mental health professional if you believe that you may be suffering from depression or another mental health disorder. If you are unsure about the benefits that Perspective might have for you, please consult a specialist.