Simple, Beautiful, Reminders

Smart reminders

Simple, repetitive, customized alerts scheduled on time or triggered on launch without any learning curve.

Remind me to...

Using natural language, Echo prompts you to answer questions that automatically build a reminder.

Complex Echoes can be easily understood, reminding you of everyday tasks.


Less is more

Simple layout, beautiful icons, minimalist design.

We built Echo because we needed a better way to remind us to take action (power naps included).

For the love of stats

Acknowledge Echoes as they appear and track consistency.

After all… you are your habits.



Weekdays or weekends, on time, or on a cycle.

Configure your own Echoes to fit your lifestyle.

Want to be reminded to regularly stand up and move or stretch? Be alerted to drink water on weekdays? Or call Mum every Sunday? Echo was born out of necessity. We needed simple alerts to remind us of everyday tasks without a steep learning curve, and it had to be beautiful.

We wanted an app that allowed people to set repetitive, frequent reminders throughout a day or week. Echo is the perfect blend between an alarm app and a habits app, enabling you to take care of yourself on a daily basis. We are all aware of the things we need to take care of every day, but we frequently forget about the small things that are meant to improve the quality of life. That's where Echo comes in, reminding you to relax from time to time, go for a walk, do some exercises, eat a meal, drink some water, etc.

In the end, it's all about developing healthy and mindful habits. Echo can be used for a lot of things, but our main goal was to encourage our users to remember the smaller things in life that can help if done regularly.